Seeking help to retrieve missing files

  R.C.M. 20:47 07 Apr 06

I used JustZip to backup my 'c' drive to me external 'e' drive. I already had important files on my 'e' drive which has been there for a number of years. I had backed them up from my 'c' drive using windows briefcase.

After I ran the JustZip all the programs from my 'c' drive have been installed on the 'e' drive - and all my previous stored files have disappeared.

Can someone tell me if I can retrieve these files or are they gone forever?

  ade.h 21:01 07 Apr 06

If the new files were written to another part of the partition, then the old files are still retrievable via the use of a 3rd-party data recovery program. However, I suspect that the new files may well have been written to the same part of the partition.

  VoG II 21:17 07 Apr 06

See if Drive Rescue click here can see them - run this program from your C: drive.

  R.C.M. 21:18 07 Apr 06

Hi ade.h - thanks for your response. Yes I think I need to agree with you, it does seem as if my old backup files from my external drive have been overwritten. I have not got the external drive partitioned.

I am taking JustZip off my computer, can you suggest a much more simple back up program?

Many thanks.

  VoG II 21:33 07 Apr 06

Microsoft Backup click here

  R.C.M. 21:37 07 Apr 06

At the moment I'm running the suggested Drive Rescue program - so far it claims to have found 1277 lost files? and it's still running.

  VoG II 21:58 07 Apr 06

Yes, well it will find files that you have deleted intentionally as well as those that seem to have been zapped by JustZip.

  ade.h 18:21 08 Apr 06

I swear by EZ Back-it-up, which is super easy to use, very flexible and user friendly. Better than MS's own I think. click here

  terryf 18:23 08 Apr 06

IMHO you can't beat Acronis and EA8

  R.C.M. 21:59 11 Apr 06

I have tried several Data recovery programs and I have finally found [using Drive Rescue] the photo's that I had lost. My problem now is I can't get the pictures to open. I saved them in a folder on my C drive there is an icon and name for all the photographs I have been trying to retreive - can someone please tell me how to get them to open.

I have tried looking at each one's properties to see how to open the file - it says windows picture and fax viewer? other photos in my collection have the same properties and they open o.k. They are saved as JPEGS

  remind 22:08 11 Apr 06

unfortunately, even if files are recovered seemingly successfully, the information within them may have been damaged or corrupted, especially if there was disk activity on the drive between losing the files and the recovery process.
if they won't load into an image viewer that could be what has happened.

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