See everything on anyone's computer

  Nick1 10:24 18 Jan 03
  Nick1 10:24 18 Jan 03

This was the title of a spam that I received this morning. It claims that by installing the advertised piece of software you can do just what it says.

Is there any truth in the claim?


  Lozzy 10:28 18 Jan 03

doubt it

  Cuddles 10:34 18 Jan 03

Only if the software is REmote Anything, but that works by putting a slave on someones computer and then gaining entry.
See click here

  BRYNIT 10:38 18 Jan 03

It will work. NOT

Sound like if you install this software everyone will be able to see WHATS ON YOUR computer and every other computer that has this program.

Why would you be interested?

If it is to ensure your PC security against such attacks then the installation of a decent firewall and carefull configuration of apps allowed access to the PC especially apps from within your system accessing others remote systems, will resolve this issue.

Such products as Norton with reuglar updates make sure any new "Threats" are prevented.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:58 18 Jan 03

These type of 'programmes are absolute cobblers and this is how they do it.........

They use the fact that a URL is NOT a web address. it is a 'Universal Resource Locator'. Since a hard drive is a 'resource', 'C' can be a URL. This can be pasted into the IE address bar and will open the contents of your C drive (assuming that this is your main HD.

If you don't believe me try this while you are reading this page.....In IE go to the address bar and delete the address (you will not be disconnected), then type C or whatever your HDs' letter is (must be capitals),into the address bar and hit enter on the keyboard or 'go' next to the bar. Repeat with any other drive letters you may have. You will now have your contents revealed and to get back to your web page just hit 'back', select from favourites or type a new address. No one else can see this info.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:59 18 Jan 03

..a single left-click on the address will highlight it and then hit delete on your keyboard.


  Nick1 11:07 18 Jan 03

The reason that I was interested is that it seemed a load of cobbblers and I was curious to know for sure.


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