Security on Windows ME

  bruno 02 Jan 12

My neighbour has just gone online today after having her PC since 2000! She has joined Sky broadband and managed to install it OK. They offer a free rial with McAfee, which does not install for her. I had a look and tried AVG and Avast and another one whose name escapes me now. All were rejected as being too new for ME. Does anybody know where I can get a free programme which will work?

  spuds 02 Jan 12

"being to new for ME"

That's a new one, because ME is an old Windows operating system. The problem is possibly that the programs that you have tried to install are no longer supported to run with ME?.

You could check and see if there is any information on downloads for ME. It might also be possible to contact Sky broadband support and see if they have any suggestions.

  bremner 02 Jan 12


I think you have misread as The AV programs are too new for ME.


Have a look here for older ME compatable fersions of Avast Click here

  bruno 02 Jan 12

My expression "too new" were my words-not very good ones. Basically they said the download was not suitable for this version of Windows. I will try that site, thanks for suggesting it. I never used ME,so I am a bit ignorant about it.

  Batch 02 Jan 12

Your neighbour needs to be aware that Windows ME is no longer supported by Microsoft and almost certainly has a number of non-patched fundamental security flaws (as will whatever version of Internet Explorer and probably any other browser that she uses).

A firewall and anti-virus will help, but are by no means fool-proof.


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