Security Warning Run this Application

  blazon 82 09:06 21 Nov 13

Hi, I have had look for this fault but could not find the answer. Win XP Professional on a laptop. On one website only I get the message, Security Warning Do you want to run this application, an unsigned application from the location below is requesting permission to run. I know it is a safe site as it is run by a University, also I do not get the message on my Desktop with the same XP and site

  chub_tor 10:44 21 Nov 13

You need to compare the security settings for the two PCs. Tools, Internet Options, Security and see if they are the same. Check the Security level and then under Trusted Sites and Restricted Sites.

  Woolwell 11:33 21 Nov 13

Is the date and time correct on the laptop?

  blazon 82 14:05 24 Nov 13

Thanks for the replies, I have solved the problem. what I am trying to run uses either Java or HTML5, on Java I get the problem and changing to HTML5 cures it. I was already running on HTML5 on the desktop, that is why there was no problem with that

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