Security software - Running timetable

  RKMonty 00:12 20 Mar 09

Hi and just would like a little guidance... I have Windows Vista.
I have loaded Avast A/V and Comodo Firewall which I believe are 'live running' applications.

I have also downloaded Spybot, Spyware Blaster, A- Squared, Super Anitspyware and Malware Bytes.
These I believe have to be run manually.......
how frequent would you advise I should run these ??
Finally I believe that the above should 'cover my pc' well security wise or have I missed something ?
Greatful of any tips or advice.

  ACOLYTE 00:31 20 Mar 09

Spywareblaster only needs updating and then applying the protection,it doesnt need to be run,you can check every couple of days for updates,i usually do it every week on a saturday.
Spy bot you can run when you first get it and update,immunise,then when you run it again varies
if you go to a lot of dodgy sites and download dodgy things,i would say run a scan at least every 2/3 days if you dont do any of that once a week should be ok,always udate and immunise first.
A-squared/superantispy again only updating and running when you feel you need to once a week,or every 2/3 day depending on your surfing habits,just there to use when you see fit.Keeping them upto date is important for when you do need to run them.

  RKMonty 00:33 20 Mar 09

Acolyte...thanks for the useful info.
Any thoughts on Malware Bytes ? Thanks

  Belatucadrus 01:15 20 Mar 09

I think you've overdone it, the latest version of avast incorporates anti malware coverage so running four additional anti spy/malware progs is a touch of overkill.
I'd use avast!, SpywareBlaster as a blocker and just one of the others to run as a backup check every now and again.

  Taff™ 07:07 20 Mar 09

I agree with Belatucadrus but perhaps run two of the anti-malware programs alternately. Say Spybot one week and Asquared the next. What one misses the other will get. Update Spyware Blaster every couple of weeks.

  RKMonty 11:11 20 Mar 09

To all.... have noted your comments and advice and have acted on them Many thanks once again

  birdface 11:56 20 Mar 09

Just to be different.Spybot is not as good as it used to be,A Squared and Malwarebytes are the 2 that I use.Maybe run one during the week and the other at the weekend.And off course have Spywareblaster in use as well.

  RKMonty 12:34 20 Mar 09

Thanks for the info.... in the wonderful world of software its great to have the different views and preferences of people opinions Thanks

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