Security Shield

  ludmilla 18:10 18 Dec 10

I have free Microsoft Security Essentials in my new computer

It has been running successfully for about 4 weeks with daily Full Scans

I have just tuirned the Computer on and Security Shield has appaeared telling me I have 47 Trojas,Spyware and other horrific things attacking the PC and that I must download the Security Shield at cost of $79.99 to get rid of all this( I lve in UK)

I have just run a Full Scan with the Microsoft Security Essentials and it tells me there are no detected Viruses etc and all my stuff is up to date
What is going on ???

Any advice helpful

  GaT7 18:27 18 Dec 10

Security Shield rogue program removal instructions can be found at click here. G

  Eric10 18:28 18 Dec 10

Download Malwarebytes click here, install and update it then run run a full scan.
For more reading click here.

  onthelimit 18:34 18 Dec 10

These rogue progs seem to sneak through irrespective of which security prog you have. Kaspersky have even produced a download to get rid of a trojan which can get through their own antivirus software.

The Bleepingcomputer solutions have always worked for me for a variety of fake antivirus problems.

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