Security measures I should take when using hotspot

  Ronyap 23:15 27 Mar 08


I have a laptop, and planning to use it with Hotspots when on holiday. However, I have heard that people can get into your system, as you are on the same network.

So, all I want to ask, is everything that I should do to prevent any type of unauthorised access to my computer when using hotspots.


  woodchip 23:56 27 Mar 08

Don't think you can do anything, as Encryption as to be set in the Router. There should not be a problem if you are only surfing the net, and not doing any banking etc.

PS I think McDonalds Now have free Hot Spots

  Ronyap 17:48 28 Mar 08

Since we are on the same network, wouldnt it be very easy for anyone to access my computer or vice versa?

  Joe R 17:51 28 Mar 08


not if you have a firewall.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:30 28 Mar 08

click here a bit more of a sensible and realistic take on the 'situation'.


  pchelper001 18:30 28 Mar 08

make sure your network workgroup isnt set to default.

And if you have vista, set the network location to public, so that vista closes off the public folders etc...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:32 28 Mar 08

1. Run your antispyware / antivirus scan prior to connecting to the hot spot.

2. Switch off file sharing before conneting to a Hotspot (only enable file sharing on your drives when connected to your own secured network)

3. Have up to date Antivirus and Antispyware running on your PC.

4. Connect from behind your own software firewall that covers both incoming AND outgoing connections.

5. Do not visit "dubious" sites.

6. Download but do not open emails until disconnected (prevents tracking / keyloggers to be loaded from emails)

7. Do not use banking / personal passwords when using a hotspot

8. Rerun you Antispyware and Antivirus scanner immediately after disconnecting.

9. Clear your Internet cache on completion

  Ronyap 13:24 27 Apr 08

Hi thanks,

and Pchelper001:

And if you have vista, set the network location to public, so that vista closes off the public folders etc...

How do I do this? (or vice versa)


PS. Ive been on holiday, and now that Im back, my 3 other PCs cant connect back to the Laptop I brought with me on holiday ><

  Ronyap 13:25 27 Apr 08

And I forgot to say that my Laptop can connect fine to the other 3. So, can anyone deduct what the probelm is? Coz I cant ><

  pchelper001 09:37 04 May 08

in vista, in network and sharing centre, it should say your Network name. Next to this, on the right, it says customize. Set this option to public.

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