Security Marking

  jack 10:30 03 Dec 07

A group to which I belong with the help of grant funding have purchased a Laptop,Projector and
laser printer.
Delivery this week from PCW Business
Considering marking the items with some form of security tag before distribution to the keepers,
Have seen items is public service - Schools/Colleges and the like with indelible or engraved legend.
Any experience or ideas welcome.

  johnnyrocker 10:34 03 Dec 07

local police will be happy to security mark equipment you will find.


  johnnyrocker 14:30 03 Dec 07

at least be good enough to respond and tick if problem solved.


  jack 19:59 03 Dec 07

at least be good enough to respond and tick if problem solved.
Whats this Johnny ?- yours is the first response to a query sent out only this morning.
Bye the Bye the police/neighbourhood watch- recommend invisible U/.V readable makers.
Equipment in public service Schools and Colleges and the like have writ large on a lid by some form of un removable - possibly engraved ledgend.

  VoG II 20:08 03 Dec 07

I've seen this form of 'engraving' in Government offices. But I wonder if you really want to do this - it must render the equipment practically un-sellable. Plus, how would it affect the warranty? I would go for the UV-visible marking.

  wee eddie 20:18 03 Dec 07

Unless the item is stolen by an incompetent thief.

You can pick up a UV Reader for a couple of quid and a little meths or Acetone will remove the rest.

Sorry if I've dented any fondly held beliefs

  sidecar sid 20:24 03 Dec 07

Another possibility.
click here

  jack 09:31 04 Dec 07

Thanks SideCar Will mark it for discussion - it will not be my decision alone.

VOG- I don't think 'Resale' will be an issue in this case.

Any more???

  jack 13:57 06 Dec 07

Not yet resolved to our liking but...............

  sinbads 14:32 06 Dec 07

Not yet resolved to our liking but...............?not knowing what your groups liking is.

I would suggest that the items are insured against loss, no matter how you mark it robin hood, if he wants it he'll take it.

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