security issue

  geddygeddy 07 Nov 12

regarding security disc.if disc is for 2012 does it mean it will only give you protection until end of 2012 eg if iuse security software from dec 2012 will it protect my computer until dec 2013 or would i be better purchasing a disc with 2013 on cover???

  john bunyan 07 Nov 12

Firstly I would suggest you do not use your e Mail address here - create a user name. Secondly it would be helpful if you stated the Operating System and which security programme you are concerned with. Many here can recommend free ones when your one runs out. Usually paid for programmes last a year from installing and should have a built in update programme. You need one anti virus and a couple at most of anti malware, but please state what your programme is.

  geddygeddy 07 Nov 12

thanks for advice about e.mail address john a novice with computers!!!.we have an eset programme just now just want to know whatever programme we buy will one dated 2012 still protect us into 2013 as our license runs out in 10 days

  Nontek 07 Nov 12

I would not bother with paid-for security, other than MalwareBytes. For anti-virus, Microsoft Security Essentials is a very good free program.

  lotvic 07 Nov 12

Why not just renew the licence? If you like the program and want to keep it.

I use the Free Avast for my antivirus etc. I like avast as it also blocks websites that have malware and viruses and checks every download.

  wiz-king 08 Nov 12

It will continue to protect you but it will not get updated so over time it will become useless. New viruses come out daily that is why the program updates it's self every few hours.


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