security implications of wireless network

  conigio 09:43 06 Dec 07

I want to set up a local wireless network,but a person I know said he could hack into a wireless network and find my bank details and pass words.
is this true.?

  Kemistri 11:00 06 Dec 07

If you use WEP, then of course you can hack it. No trouble. If you use WPA/WPA2, you can't in practical terms. Unless you happen to work for CIA or something and have a lot of time to spare. What would you be doing leaving bank details and passwords on a PC??

  ambra4 10:40 07 Dec 07

Look at MAC Address Filtering in the router for extra security

The manufacturer normally turns “off” this feature, because it requires a bit of effort to set up properly.

However, to improve the security of your Wifi LAN strongly considers enabling and using MAC address filtering.

For a more secure Wireless network you can specify that only certain Wireless PCs can connect to the wireless system

MAC Address Filtering is found in the Firewall Sub-Menu on the router

You can also find the MAC address on each computer by right click on the 2 displays

Icon in the task bar-Status-Support-Detail button the Physical Address at the top is the

MAC address of the computer

click here

  Kemistri 11:23 07 Dec 07

Physical address filtering is basically irrelevant as a form of security on a wireless network. Why? Because the physical addresses are transmitted in plain form in each and every header, which can be readily intercepted using a packet analyzer regardless of encryption, and the addresses can readily be spoofed with a MAC spoofing utility, which has legitimate uses in networking. click here

  irishrapter 15:16 07 Dec 07

Yes forget MAC filtering or hiding the SSID.

Here is a quote on the subject from my other posts:

WPA / WPA2 is great but remember that its only as good as the password used.
If you use a simple dictionary password then it can be broken by running a dictionary attack.
Use a random password which contains at least 20 characters long. Maximum is 63, minimum is 8, I use a password which is 60 characters long.

click here to generate some passwords.

  irishrapter 15:18 07 Dec 07

Opps.. link problem there!

click here for a password generator!

  Border View 19:10 09 Dec 07

When you say characters does this mean numbers as well as upper and lower case letters?

  irishrapter 19:58 09 Dec 07

Yes, numbers and letters of both cases as well as symbols i.e !"£$%^&*()_+ and space.

  conigio 23:06 09 Dec 07

next silly question. how does one remember a password that is 60 characters long.?I have enough trouble remembering my pin numbers and they are just 4 characters. or am I missing something here.?

  Border View 23:11 09 Dec 07

I shall be copying my number and pasting to a word document - then printing it off and deleting the word document. Keep the bit of paper safe.

  Kemistri 23:40 09 Dec 07

"Am I missing something here?"
Yes - copy/paste. No need to print it, incidentally, if you transfer the text file to any client that needs it.

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