security center cant recognise my antivirus or....

  Mit123 18:51 18 Sep 06

my security center cannot recognise my antivirus or my firewall. it did used to recognise it but it suddently went of. i am using zone alarm pro and AVG free edition.
how do i get it to recognise it? i have everything i have from the security center options. ??????

  Jackcoms 18:59 18 Sep 06

"it did used to recognise it but it suddently went of."

System Restore?

  Mit123 19:04 18 Sep 06

lol , but that means 9 months of work out the window??

  skidzy 19:05 18 Sep 06

That depends on how long ago this problem has been with you MIT.

If its a recent problem,then just go back a day or so.

  Mit123 19:07 18 Sep 06

i have had this problem for about 9 , and have only just got time to do something about it. is there anther way?? like editing the registry or somehting??

  skidzy 19:19 18 Sep 06

Maybe a silly answer Mit,but checked in Control Panel/Security Centre.You should have the drop down boxes that will enable or tell you if its active.

If this is not working,maybe a reinstallation of Zonealarm and AVG will cure this problem.

  Jackcoms 09:55 19 Sep 06

"but that means 9 months of work out the window??"

No, it doesn't.

System Restore does NOT affect your 'work' i.e Word, Excel, photos, videos, music, etc, etc.

System Restore only restores (as the name suggests) system operating files to an earlier time.

  ade.h 14:22 19 Sep 06

Why not just disable the pointless Security Centre? Problem fixed.

Sys Restore won't delete any files (though it sometimes has to rename some) but will mean 9 months' worth of program installations and registry changes down the drain.

  blanco 16:58 19 Sep 06

I must admit the same thing happened to me some weeks ago and I did just what ade.h suggests.
I know my antivirus and firewall are working so what's the hassle?

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