Security Attack

  Quickbeam 02 Mar 12

I run Zone Alarm on Windows 7 which has recently blocked '3 severe security threats' which has resulted in the computer shutting down for 5 minutes.

Does this mean I have something lurking on it still? I have a recent drive image which I can easily load if need be, or will Zone Alarm sort it out by itself in time?

  Quickbeam 02 Mar 12

I use the Zone Alarm Pro, paid for version for 3 computers.

I must admit this is the first time in 10 years or more that I've had what seems to be a serious attempt to breach the security firewall.

  rdave13 02 Mar 12

Forgive my ignorance, as I don't use ZA, but isn't there a log somewhere you could check up on to see what kind of threat it was? Usually security apps block and warn of malicious scripts, not shutting down the PC.

  northumbria61 02 Mar 12

I would run Malwarebytes to see if it throws up anything and then a full scan with ZA (like rdave13 I don't use ZA)

  john bunyan 02 Mar 12

I also use a different firewall, but suggest like others you run a scan with your anti virus programme, and I like Superantispyware as well as Malawarebytes to look for malware. If all the scans are negative, I think you are ok.

  Quickbeam 02 Mar 12

The Zone Alarm log shown an attempt at the same time as the shutdowns. But I've never had the shutdowns before, so I don't know if that's a normal thing or not. When Windows restarts, it tells me it's recovered from an unexpected shutdown, and would I like it to check online for a solution to the problem.

I'll run the scans now as I have to admit that over the years I've relied on the software to sort everything out for me. Probably most do now, 10/15 years ago you had to become involved in these matters to sort it out (or phone a friend). I think we've all become complacent with the reliance of the software's apparent infallible ability to self maintain:(


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