Security Alert

  Leigha 00:54 28 Feb 03

When i type for eg.. click here and sign in i get a message saying...

Security Alert

Information you exchange with this site canot be viewed or changed by others. However there is a problem with the sites security certificate.

blar blar blar...
Then it says that the securtiy cerficate has expired or is not yet valid.

It gives me an option to proceed yes or no or view certificate.

When i view the certificate and press install new certificate the screen goes back to the original message and nothing has been done.

Anyone know what the hells going on ?

  Gaz 25 01:00 28 Feb 03

Just click yes, it is a legimate site,.

  Leigha 01:03 28 Feb 03

It has only recently started doing this, will it re-new itself ?

  Gaz 25 01:18 03 Mar 03


  BlueMeanie 01:52 03 Mar 03

Check the system date and time on your PC - this could be the problem.

  hue jarss 03:11 03 Mar 03

Being a freelance writer, I visit many sites in my research, ei: tracing people, information on people, checking my bank statements, also, submiting my e:mail address to be contacted.

One pop up, warns me that I am surfing unprotected and everything is being monitered. Also, even stuff I just look at, even if I do not download it, it is still all stored in my computer.

Is this true, or just a scam for me to buy something I do not need?

I am worried that my unused memory will be filled now with trivia I just browse throuh and do not download.

Joseph Magee

  GANDALF <|:-)> 06:55 03 Mar 03

'Is this true, or just a scam for me to buy something I do not need?'...yup, delete your cookies and temp files regularly and if you are the worrying sort then d/l adaware and ensure your AV and firewall is up to date.


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