Security Alert!

  recap 14:51 05 Jan 03
  recap 14:51 05 Jan 03

Hi all,

When surfing the net I keep getting the following:

"Your computer is currently broadcasting an IP address. With this address, someone can immediatley begin attacking your computer"

I do have Zonealarm and AVG so I'm not that concerned about somebody trying to attack my computer. It's just annoying to find this message coming up when trying to access different sites.

I am tempted to click the OK button, but so far have resisted as I don't want any more advertisements coming my way.

Does anybody else get this message coming up when surfing the net?

  Pauper 14:53 05 Jan 03

Don't worry about it, this info is transmitted by your pc to enable it to make contact with web servers otherwise they would not know where to send the info - it is perfectly normal.

  Paul2002 14:53 05 Jan 03

Yeh I get em all the time, just ignore them! as long as you have a firewall and uptodate anti viruse you are safe.

  Pauper 14:56 05 Jan 03

Couple of other threads on the subject click here click here

  recap 15:07 05 Jan 03

Thanks all,

Read the second link from you Pauper, downloaded the utility but it found nothing.

Just have to keep my fingers poised over Alt+F4.

  BRYNIT 15:24 05 Jan 03

Ignore them if you have an uptodate firewall installed. If you check the IP address against your own you will find it is incorrect the are just trying to sell something.

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