"Secure" cookies not accepted in XP Home

I'm unable to access any sites either directly or via a bookmark that have previously downloaded a security cookie. Eg - my online banking and loyalty card.

I'm running XP home, access the net via dialup(AOL7), Symantec Firewall & Antivirus installed. I use IE6 for these sites.

I've tried disabling the Firewall and selecting "allow all 3rd party cookies" from within IE option but to no avail.

Any suggestions before I re-install XP?

  Jester2K II 14:41 19 Nov 03

What happenswhen you try?

  lpl56407 14:48 19 Nov 03

Worth a try:
Control Panel, Internet Options, Security, Click 'Trusted sites, click on 'sites' and then add the URL's of the sites you cannot access.

  Stuartli 15:02 19 Nov 03

Try Proxomitron - it cured similar problems I had earlier this year.

But if you do, follow the configuration requirements to the letter...:-)

If there are problems filling in field forms on certain websites just use the Bypass option from the Proxomitron panel temporarily.

I have several online accounts and all work as they should.

But it took some time to solve it (or rather through my son, an IT support specialist, when I turned to him for help).

Probably vanity on my part but he immediately suggested Proxomitron....

It's on the September 2003 issue PCA cover disk or can be found on the website's downloads section.

I tried the Trusted Sites route.... still doesn't let me onto my secure accounts though. Also tried deleting all cookies but no luck. This site however works fine - phew!

I'll give Proxomitron a try.....

  lpl56407 16:45 19 Nov 03

Another try.
In Internet Options, Advanced Tab.
Under 'Security' make sure 'Use SSL 2.0,3.0 and TLS 1.0 are all checked.

  Jester2K II 16:47 19 Nov 03

Try CryptoFix click here Under Jester2K Freeware

Proxomitron seems to have cured the problem, I tried Cryptofix with no success.

Thanks for all the suggestions :-)

  Stuartli 13:25 21 Nov 03

Proxomitron is a remarkable utility.....:-)

It's to do, apparently, with downloading or otherwise of ad placements and Proxomitron cures it.

By the way it's the September 2003 cover disk of C-m--ter Sh-pp-r that carries a copy of Proxomitron, not PCA. Sorry.

But it is also in the downloads section accessed from the top of this webside's pages.

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