Secuer network

  Ex plorer 16:18 20 Nov 08

Hi I am still trying to secure my home network, I have searched Google for easy to follow instructions, and apart from saying set WPA and strong passwords there are no instructions on how you do it.

  Daveboy 16:23 20 Nov 08

you will need to log into your wireless router to set it up.

  skidzy 16:24 20 Nov 08

What make router Explorer ?

  mgmcc 16:28 20 Nov 08

Connect to your router by ethernet cable, *NOT* wirelessly, and then type the router's IP address into your web browser. You will be prompted for the router's Username & Password and, once entered, you should have access to the configuration pages. In the Wireless Security settings there will be an option to enable encryption, WPA or WEP. Chose WPA and make up your own "key" of between 8 and 63 characters (which can include spaces).

Make a note of the key, because you need to enter it when you connect your computer's Wireless Adapter to the Secured Network.

  Ex plorer 16:38 20 Nov 08

BT Voyager 2001.
OK where how do I log into my wireless Router.

OK I am connected by Ethernet and I typed my IP address into the browser and ended up with a blank page.

  mgmcc 16:45 20 Nov 08

It is the *ROUTER'S* IP address that you must type into your browser. If you don't know what it is, have a look at click here which, although discussing something different, does show how to find the router's IP address.

  Ex plorer 16:51 20 Nov 08

Gotcha I was typing in the wrong number, I was typing in the IP address and not the Default Gateway.
Thank you for your help.

  Ex plorer 14:04 21 Nov 08

I cannot remember my password, so is that the end of that, I was given one by my ISP but that was a long time ago.

  Daveboy 12:53 21 Dec 08

Router password ? defaults are usually, admin/admin , reset the router to factory default if it is non standard and you cant recall the correct ones, there is probably a recessed button on the back to do this.

  Ex plorer 10:45 14 Feb 09

Hi I have tried Daveboy suggestion but I still cant find the correct name / password I am now using Vista Home Premium is there any way to reset the name / passwords. when I first asked for help on this I was using XP.

  Daveboy 15:32 14 Feb 09

which user name/password have you forgotten, the routers or your ISP login, if it's the latter you will have to contact your service provider for that info.

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