SecondHand Laptops

  suburban train 01:02 10 Jan 03
  suburban train 01:02 10 Jan 03

Does anyone know where i can get decent secondhand laptops from?


  spuds 01:19 10 Jan 03

Try the weekly MicroMart computer magazine, available from most newsagents on Thursday's.Always carries a good range of adverts, including Laptops.Here are some to check click here click here click here click here click here click here

  Giggle n' Bits 01:50 10 Jan 03

by the Ghost. I fell for a second hand and forgot the extras like Book, Disks etc.

  suburban train 02:00 10 Jan 03

Thank Ghost-in-U

Do you know where i could get second hand laptop screens for a toshiba 4030cdt laptop?

  menorcarob2 09:57 10 Jan 03

i had a laptop that got dropped screen broke, what i did was to turn it into a desktop by physicaly remoing the screen and connecting the base to a an external monitor,

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