Secondhand computer with partitioned HDD.

  Bald Eagle 15:38 17 Mar 03

I have a secondhand machine that has had it's HDD partitioned into C & D drives. C has win98 loaded and the programs I have installed. It is set up to FAT32 and has 2010MB used and 906 MB free. D has duplicates of recycle bin and gobackio. It also contains WUTemp, Avg6db_fdat, Command, Io.sys and Msdos.sys. It is set up as FAT and has 2047MB used and 1841MB free.Most of the usage on D is the copy of gobackio from the GoBack program that I use to get me out of messes, which I think I can safely delete. I have a copy of Partition Magic, would it be worthwhile removing the partition? I have no intention of dual booting or saving to D preferring CD backup.

  €dstow 15:46 17 Mar 03

Have you thought about doing a clean sweep and starting again? Clear out all the rubbish.

If you're thinking of doing something as drastic as you are, this may be the best option (assuming you have a 98 disk).


  Bald Eagle 15:58 17 Mar 03

€d yes I have all the original discs etc. However, whenever I try something like you've suggested something always goes wrong and I finish up in a loop with the computer not finding files or something similar or once even saying that the disk had the wrong serial number on it. I have only once manged a fresh loading of Windows and it took me ages with the machine crashing and such like. Just thought PM might be easier seems I might be wrong.

  €dstow 16:10 17 Mar 03

I've never had any problems with fdisk etc (once you can understand what its trying to do). My thoughts were that you would end up with a clutter-free machine.

Not all that familiar with PM but, as it works in DOS, can you do these things from within PM? Be easier if you can.


  tenor 16:21 17 Mar 03

You could just format d.

  leo49 16:29 17 Mar 03

If you want to get rid of D using PM it's very easy.Open PM rightclick in the D drive on bar display of your drives and select Delete.Then click in your C drive and select Resize and in the dialog box drag the C drive out by the horizontal double arrows to encompass all the newly created unallocated space.


  Bald Eagle 16:49 17 Mar 03

Off upstairs to try leo 49's suggestion. Understand what you are saying €d and may try reloading 98 when I have moe time.

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