Secondary drives mixed up

  Kudu 10:56 22 Feb 03

My D drive is a CD-RW,E drive is a CD ROM
They are shown correctly in the Bios.
In My Computer the icons give the wrong description but when properties are selected it gives correct details.
In Easy cd creator the TO and FROM drives are shownly correct but it won't copy as it says the disks are in the wrong drives.

How can i get them to change identities. Thanks.

  jazzypop 11:40 22 Feb 03

Which version of Windows are you running?

If they are on the same IDE cable, do you know which is set as Master and which is set as Slave?

  Kudu 11:54 22 Feb 03

HP cd-rw set as master and this is shown correctly in bios.But in My Computer the cd-rw is shown as a cd rom but when i open properties it's details are correct-HP cd rw with the correct reading & writing speeds.

  jazzypop 13:01 22 Feb 03

What does it say in Device Manager? Are they correctly listed there, or are there error messages by either drive?

While you are in Device Manager, try to re-assign the drive letters for the drives (e.g. Drive R for CD Riter, Drive P for Player).

Finally, check to see whether DMA is enabled for both drives.

  Kudu 14:28 22 Feb 03

Sorry bout late reply but dragged to Tescos.

In Device Manager they are listed correctly,no error messages & DMA is enabled in Secondary IDE channel.

Driver for HP CD writer is shown as microsoft.Tried to install HP software but got message "Install Assistant could not find suitable IDE controller for HP CD writer" so i had to stop installation,
in My Computer drive D (HP writer) is now called -Install HP. I'm lost.

  jazzypop 14:57 22 Feb 03

OK, my best guess is that there are corrupted Registry entries for one (or both) drives. Try this -

Uninstall both drives from Device Manager (highlight each one and press Delete).

Uninstall any CD writing software using Control Panel > Add/Remove programs.

Power off the PC.

Physically unplug the power and IDE leads to both CD drives.

Reboot (this should force the Registry to update, with no CD drives listed).

Power off

Reconnect the CD writer (only).

Reboot. Install any CD writing software that may be required. Test all is OK by burning a CD (just use the hard disk as the temporary storage).

If all is OK, power off and re-connect the CD player.

Reboot - all should now be OK.

  Kudu 17:11 22 Feb 03

Did as you said but things still mixed up. When i reconnected CD-R on its own it was still shown as a CD-Rom & when i tried to burn from hard disk i was told program was not responding & ended up with blank screen.

I've taken out the two CD drives & master & slave set correctly.Problem seems to be HP CD writer but why is slave CD Rom being recognized as a CD writer.I will now reconnect CD Rom on its own & see if it still aspires to be a writer or maybe it wants to be a plate of chips.

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