second hard drive

  griffo 20:59 25 Feb 03

we have just had to replace a hard drive due, I think, to a corrupted file allocation. Anyway, new drive installed, attempts made to recover data from old drive were largely successful. I now wish to re-install the drive, try to recover any remaining data, then wipe/format and use as a slave for data backup.

Can anyone advise me of the procedures to do the above? Simple terminology please - thanks

  jazzypop 21:40 25 Feb 03

Make sute the BIOS is set to auto-datect all drives.

Put it back into the same PC, with the jumper set as a slave. Browse with Windows Explorer, recover what data you can onto the new drive.

Then right-click the drive from My Computer, and choose Format.

  jazzypop 21:42 25 Feb 03

You asked for simple terminology, and I managed to mangle the first sentence :)

"Make sure the BIOS is set to auto-detect all drives."

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