second hard drive

  brihen 13:11 05 Jan 03
  brihen 13:11 05 Jan 03

Hi have a p4 2.5 abit mother board running 2 hardrives each of 40gb 1 as master 1 as slave on same ribon would the pc run quicker if I used seperate ribon(cable) to the second drive and would it still then be a slave drive IE the jumper settings 1st dive is ata 133 7200rpm
second drive ata 100 5600 rpm thanks

  siarad 13:21 05 Jan 03

Copying between the drives would be faster as the separate channels could work concurrently, something IDE can't do unlike SCSI. It'll probably work as a slave but better set it to master. I'm surprised you don't have a CD/DVD

  brihen 13:29 05 Jan 03

I do have cd and dvd drives but have two hard drives to give me 80gb storage space so do i set second drive as primary slave as it is now cd/dvd are secondary drives

  DieSse 13:53 05 Jan 03

Leave it as it is - the only operations which would improve by moving the second hard drive, are when copying from one HDD to the other. Since this is not the commonest of operations, nor is it time critical - nor would you get any big benefit anyway - it's best left alone.

  brihen 14:01 05 Jan 03

thanks ie if it aint broke dont fix it

  siarad 14:16 05 Jan 03

You've given insufficient information, as with a usual MB all the possibilities are already used.

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