" Second-hand" laptop advice needed.

  geordielad307 16:26 29 Jun 03

Hi guys, I want to buy a laptop computer for "normal" home use, but I am unsure what to go for. I would like something with a CD burner facility and Internet access. Can you recommend what I should look for, and , probably more important, what I should avoid.? Many thanks for reading my post. Any advice will be much appreciated.

  -pops- 16:38 29 Jun 03

I would be extremely cautious about buying a second hand computer and a second hand laptop, I wouldn't even think about. Laptops are very delicate instruments and subject to a lot of abuse being dropped, bashed about and generally mishandled.

Think carefully before you go ahead with this.

Remember for the price of an extremely ordinary laptop, you can buy an axcellent desktop machine.


  -pops- 16:38 29 Jun 03

or even an excellent desktop machine!!

  Belatucadrus 18:17 29 Jun 03

The other thing to remember about second hand laptops is that there is rarely much if any warranty on the battery and a replacement can set you back over £100 very easily. Laptops also hold their value quite well, so second hand ones are unlikely to be as cheap as you hope.

  y_not 18:24 29 Jun 03

Be wary about the battery!

I run mine (as often as possible) until the laptop switches off due to the battery being fully drained - many people I know simply plug into the mains and run laptops for hours on end without a thought for the effect that has on the battery pack.

If you're going to buy one think about what they are designed to do - be portable.

Unless you have a good reason for using a laptop I, like others, suggest looking at the desktop alternatives.

Happy hunting

  Qmar 20:38 29 Jun 03

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