seasonal madness visa verification stalling the computer

  SparkyJack 12:54 02 Dec 12

Having placed an order with an E retailer,the trnasaction compltered and card accepted the next move is/was to the Visa acceptance screen. There it has stuck with frantic re attemps to connect to that server flashing away at base of screen. So dare I move away? Will that order fail if i do? The machine has been in this state for an hour.

By the way this is being sent on another machine-just in case you are wondering


  spuds 13:34 02 Dec 12

You say that the transaction was completed, but have you received a confirmation email?.

Because if you have, the deal as gone through. If you haven't, then you might need to contact the retailer and/or Visa.

'Do not' start clicking away, because you may find that you are ordering extra items that you do not want. Just close the order or verification page down, that should stop whatever the fault is.

  SparkyJack 15:03 02 Dec 12

thank you Spuds

Rebooted the pages still there

The boot up came back to that page with a green banner saying 'System failure unable to complete your request contact your CSR

Waht is a CSR?

  SparkyJack 15:30 02 Dec 12

Llogged onto seller and the original order was still up.

reentered the card and all went through- just like that.

  Sea Urchin 15:42 02 Dec 12

What is CSR?

It stands for Corporate Social Responsibility, and relates to the issues raised in issuing credit cards. Card companies have a CSR department that deals with these matters, so presumably you were being asked to contact the card company.

An example:

CSR Department

  spuds 15:48 02 Dec 12

If you are using a debit card or even a credit card, just log into those accounts if you can, and check to see if it as gone through to those accounts, and what is stated in new transactions (credit) or balance (debit). The reason I mention this, is because a few weeks ago, I had a similar problem, and two payments were taken out of my account. It took five days to get the overpayment returned.

With regards to CSR, I can only think of Corporate Social Responsibility, and after a Google search came up with this


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