Searching out multiple pics

  JoE. 17:23 16 Jan 07

I recently transfered my pictures from another computer to this one on several CDs. As a result I'm pretty sure there are (I've noticed some) duplicate pictures. Is there an easier way to get rid of the duplicates than going through manually and searching for a duplicate for each one?

Thanks :o)

  Diemmess 17:37 16 Jan 07

A clumsy way would be to copy from each cd into a single folder on HD
Each time a duplicate appeared you would have the flag about do you wish to overwrite the existing file?

2 obvious snags:

1) If you saved different images at different times but happened to use the same name.... you would "lose" one or the other.

2) The result would be that all the files would now be in one folder. Making subfolders first would defeat the object.

  STREETWORK 17:38 16 Jan 07

Click on Start - Search

Search in turn all files and folders for





Also search for any other file format you have used. This will return a list of all files on the PC with the common file extensions. You can narrow the search by specifying which folders to look in.

Once windows has found them all check the file name and size and move them to a temporary folder for ultimate deletion once you are happy with the results. alternately save the temporary folder to disk...

  JoE. 17:42 16 Jan 07

Yes, but when I saved them onto this one, it asked me to specify a folder to put the pics in, and a name to give them, and then it just numbered them 001, 002, etc. I have found 2 identical photos with completely different numbers...

STREETWORK - I've just tried doing that, or similar, but with nigh-on 2 and a half thousand pics to sift through, it becomes a mite tedious.

  Diemmess 17:57 16 Jan 07

<it just numbered them 001, 002, >

If this means they never had their own specific names then I'm afraid you have quite a problem.

You could still copy them to a HD and use something like picasa2 to display them and delete unwanted individuals.

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