Searching more than one field/any part of field.

  Mr A! 11:58 06 Oct 04

I am using a search function as described in thread click here. I have a keywords field and would like to search the whole field with the QBF function. Is there a way to do this as it will not recognise "art" in painting, art, drawing.

Also can i search a number of fields at once with this Query By Form function?

Thanks in advance.
(If you have a script which is fairly large, just send it to me by email by clicking the envelope at the top).

  Rigga 12:03 06 Oct 04

Just a quick suggestion, have you tried to see if "%art%" will work in your search?

The % is the wildcard character within SQL server, and may be simliar in access!


  Mr A! 12:42 07 Oct 04

%art% didn't work. Any more ideas?

  Rigga 13:09 07 Oct 04

Just looked at access and it says that * is the wildcard character so when you define your query criteria, you can specify like instead of =, as below

like "*art*"

or having looked at the example in the other thread I would guess that the = is implied, in the line
"Criteria: Forms![QBF_Form]![WhatCustomer] Or Forms![QBF_Form]![WhatCustomer] Is Null"

so maybe try
"Criteria: LIKE Forms![QBF_Form]![WhatCustomer] Or Forms![QBF_Form]![WhatCustomer] Is Null"

Then try entering your "*art*" in the search text boxes.


  Rigga 13:13 07 Oct 04

P.S. having looked at the MS KB article, towards the end it shows that you can use the LIKE keyword. and you can also append the "*" automatically, so the criteria line would read

"Criteria: LIKE "*" & Forms![QBF_Form]![WhatCustomer] & "*" Or Forms![QBF_Form]![WhatCustomer] Is Null"

Then you would only enter "art" in your search box, and it would add the two asterisks for you.


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