searching hds for errors using xp disc checker, this the best tool for the job?

  theDarkness 22:52 31 May 09

checking internal and external hds for errors using xp disc checker, is this the best tool for the job? My pc reset whilst my external drive was in use, so doing a check- the external drive works fine and is relatively new. I could not 'safely remove.' in time, and was not sure if the option to remove the hd simply by cable without needing to click on 'safely remove' was activated prior to the reset or not. possibly a overheating issue even though temps were stating within limits, so thought id do a check on all my hds. will note temp as it checks my hds! Is there better freeware or pay for tools to check a hd, or are the built in xp disc error checking options good enough to find all potential hd sector problems, without taking into account viruses? thanks for any info

  howard64 17:33 01 Jun 09

I recently had a problem with a Western Digital hard drive and went to their site. I downloaded their disk diagnosis tools and then wrote the disk. I booted from it and ran the checks. When it failed and I got the rma to return it under warranty I used their 'write zeros to drive' tool to wipe my data off the drive. Each manufacturer has a similar prog to download free of charge.

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