Search service for the UK - is it too messy?

  gjohansson 10:35 06 Mar 07

Hi there.

We have recently launched our site click here - which is supposed to let people living in the United Kingdom the possibility to search different categories such as UK Websites, UK Jobs, UK News, UK Classifieds and so on.

My questions are:

1) Is the layout clean enough, or is it messy with too much information?

2) Can you tell as a UK-citizen that this site searches only within the UK?

3) Do you have a suggestion on where to move the "country-logos" at the top? They dont fit in there, I know.

Any other constructive critic is much appreciated.

Best regards

G. Johansson, Sweden 11:09 06 Mar 07

a bit cluttered for a search engine when compared to tabbed browsing offered by click here If I want to search for something I prefer to just type and go.

It is a very clean and proffessional looking web site though.

  gjohansson 11:45 06 Mar 07

Yeah, we are thinking about using tabs instead of the dropdown-list to present categories also, but there is a slight problem with this, having over 20 categories does will make tabs look cluttered as well I am afraid, so any suggestions on how we could handle this in a nice manner would be nice.

Also, one other question:

4) Have we included the right UK engines in our engine-list (click here), or have we missed anyone vital?

  gjohansson 22:37 19 Mar 07

Hi again.

Now I have redone the site almost completely when it comes to the design and added a tabbed-system for the categories. Hopefully it will give a more "clean" look. Please have a look at click here

Do you think it is "clean" enough? Thank you for your comments.

  gjohansson 12:34 20 Mar 07

"The paragraph about the site redesign not only looks amateurish, it also tells me the site is brand new and doesn't have 'form'."

Interesting point, we choose to emphasize this because we wanted to tell our "old" users what we did improve on the site, but point taken. Thanks!

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