search and replace with symbol

  notrom 12:23 10 Sep 03

I have a manuscript to edit in which the name 'Genevieve' repeatedly appears. Unfortunately, she's French, and she should read Geneviève, with an accent on the penultimate 'e'. Does anyone know of a way to do a search and replace in Word (Office XP, Windows ME) using an accented word? For some reason you can't paste into search and replace, or at least I can't! I can obviously do a manual paste job, but it will take a lot longer that way.

  -pops- 12:43 10 Sep 03

You can achieve è by typing in Alt + 0232.

  Tog 12:51 10 Sep 03

You can paste into search and replace using ctrl-v

  CraftyKT 12:55 10 Sep 03

is what I always use for any out of the ordinary characters I need. Quick and simple to use as I can never remember key combinations. Could you also put it in the dictionary once you have it typed correctly? Hope this helps.

  notrom 12:59 10 Sep 03

Thanks, Tog, brilliant. Thanks, too, -pops-, but I couldn't get the Alt thing to work, but I think I'm doing something wrong, 'cause I seem to remember using that method for something else years ago. Cheers!

  notrom 13:01 10 Sep 03

Thanks to you, too CraftyKT, I'll try that as well. What a brilliant site this is.

  -pops- 13:01 10 Sep 03

Perhaps I should have put: Alt and at the same time 0232 rather than the + sign? Yes, No?

  Jester2K II 13:02 10 Sep 03

è - Hold down ALT and quickly type 0 2 3 2 then when you let go of the ALT key is shows a è...

  notrom 13:05 10 Sep 03

-pops-: I tried both - still didn't work. You need a lot of fingers and how do you enter '2' twice. Don't worry, I'm sure I'm just my normal thicko self!

  -pops- 13:05 10 Sep 03

Thanks J2KII - better explanation<;-))


  notrom 13:09 10 Sep 03

Nope, Jester, 'fraid it's still not working. Perhaps my Alt key is knackered!

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