Search engine was Firefox it's now STARTXXL

  indego 10:58 07 Aug 14

Morning all, HP Pavilion, Win7 Home. No, I'm not shouting, it's the way it is as my search engine. I don't know how this has happened, except to say it must be part of Firefox for that was my search engine before this STARTXXL thing come up. I have scanned using AVG (Free) and MAM full version and found nothing.

When I click the FF icon, STARTXXL comes up. FF was installed months ago, but when the FF icon was clicked, Google search came up, and not being one to mess with something I'm not sure about, I was happy with that. But now I would like to go back to where I was before the introduction of STARTXXL, Please.

I thank you for any suggestions.

  rdave13 11:38 07 Aug 14

In firefox click on the open menu icon top right. Click on options then click on general tab. Under home page click the default tab.

On the search bar to the right of the address bar click the dropdown arrow, select manage search engines. You can remove fast search there and make Google the default if you wish.

  indego 02:09 08 Aug 14

rdave13. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. With FF open and on open menu, I do not get the options to which you refer when I left click. Instead I get a drop down with several (10) icons like, New Window, New Private Window, Save Page, Print etc.

In the absence of Options I can't progress. Having clicked both left and right on each icon none of them leads to Options.

Is there something else that can be tried.

Thank you for your time.

  northumbria61 05:48 08 Aug 14

Options should be one of the 10 drop down icons.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:16 08 Aug 14

indego, in Firefox, hold down the keyboard's ALT key and press T. The "Tools" menu should appear at the top and you can then click on "Options".

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:22 08 Aug 14

Sounds like its taken over try something like [ADWCleaner] free1 to get rid of it

  rdave13 19:20 08 Aug 14

Must have been fixed as no reply to suggestions.

  indego 20:21 08 Aug 14

*FruitBat/\0/* Thanks for ADWCleaner.The scan did find something and cleaned it.Options are now present in the Open Menu.So what do I do now?

I typed Options into the search bar at bottom left corner. This led me to Internet options. Excuse my ignorance here, but is that the same as the Options that drop down from Open Menu?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:27 08 Aug 14

No I think that's different.

Do as per Secret-Squirrel Posted Today at 8:16AM

  rdave13 20:32 08 Aug 14

Or do as I suggested. You now have the options menu showing. Use it.

  indego 01:55 09 Aug 14

Thanks guys all's back to normal at last. I have clicked the check mark at rdave13's post at 11.38am.

What a great site this is!It is the best site I know for finding answers to issues. Any time anyone says to me that their lappy or desktop is playing up, Google Pc Advisor is the first thing I tell them to do, and post their issue.

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