Search engine in Firefox 3.0.6

  TonyV 20:47 16 Feb 09

There are a number of search engines listed in my search facility in FF. The one I use most is Google, but how do I get it to use the Google UK search engine or indeed, to add the Google UK to the listing?

There is a way it can be done in IE7, but I can see nothing that will allow me to change to the UK Version in FF.



  Kemistri 21:16 16 Feb 09

It already uses the localisation (though not the radio button option that restricts the search results to sites on UK-based servers). If yours uses another iteration, I would be surprised, but if you want to add new engines, even for specific sites (eg news sites) there are add-ons that can make it easy. Search the Firefox add-ons site.

  ambra4 21:38 16 Feb 09

click here

Stroll down to the bottom of page Click on “Google UK – Pages from the UK” and just follow

the instruction on how to install to the search bar in Firefox

  TonyV 00:05 17 Feb 09

Thanks for your responses. ambra4, I used your link and now I get Google UK as my main search engine.

Many thanks


  Kemistri 00:27 17 Feb 09

You didn't have the default US English download of Firefox by any chance, did you? It just occurred to me that this may explain why you didn't have localisation, but I have no way of checking my theory. I always pick the British English download now that it provides the option.

  ambra4 01:02 17 Feb 09

Yes I use the US version of Firefox

click here

US Firefox Add-ons

click here

And add the UK and any other search engine, as I required from the same site

  ambra4 01:06 17 Feb 09


Glad to be of help


  TonyV 10:14 17 Feb 09

I couldn't see how to find out whether I had the UK version downloaded. On checking the files, it seems as though the set up for both US & UK have the same file. I have now downloaded the UK version from the download site and there seems no difference except that in the search choice list, there are UK elements there, but Google still remains as Google with no reference to UK. I am using the Google UK reference that ambra4 put forward.

It seems to be OK. Thanks for your interest.


  Stuartli 10:39 17 Feb 09

You can enter as often as you like, but if you live in the UK it will always Default to

  TonyV 13:16 17 Feb 09

Not a lot of people know that! Thanks. As I said, it all appears to be OK now.



  Kemistri 13:17 17 Feb 09

Stuartli - yes, via its web page. But apparently not via the search plug-in.

TonyV - yes, the file names seem to be the same for all the language-specific downloads. Not sure why.

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