Seagate Freeagent 500GB USB 2 Problem

  Ben 216 20:59 01 Nov 07

Hi, I bought one of these drives a few months back, had problems originally with 'delayed write failure' in XP, but managed to correct that by changing the USB cable.

I'm now running Vista instead of XP and that's made no difference, its been fine, but over the last few weeks the drive hasn't been spinning down when the PC shuts down (usually takes about 20 seconds once the PC turns off), but instead keeps spun up with the strip on the front 'glowing' quickly. Its also started doing this while I've been using Windows, and vanishes from the available drives. The only way to resolve this seems to be to shut the PC down, unplug the drive from the PC and mains for 30 seconds, plug the drive back in and then turn the PC on again. This was ok once every other week, but now its happening daily - is this a Vista problem or a faulty drive?

  Technotiger 21:04 01 Nov 07

Sounds like a probable faulty drive I think. If you have anything on there that you don't want to lose, better do a backup of it just in case - even if I am wrong about the drive.

  Technotiger 21:05 01 Nov 07

If it is a faulty drive, I would guess it should still be under warranty anyway.

  Ben 216 21:20 01 Nov 07

It's got at least 12 months warranty, and I think it might have been 5 years! - Will have to check that one.

  Ben 216 12:35 03 Nov 07

Anyone else had this problem?

  The F1 Help Key 12:47 03 Nov 07

hi....perhaps you are not using a good USB 2.0 or later.Or may be do not have enough memory for the generic host (universal plug and play services to run)...and make the USB port tired and..thats why u have to plug and unplug the USB for the 30sec..Happycomputer

  crosstrainer 12:54 03 Nov 07

Has it right, this is a result of tryong to boot from a (slower) USB device rather than a ide / sata hdd drive.

Check your BIOS settings, the pc needs to be slowed so to allow time for the usb drive to boot correctly...This is assuming that all the correct files reside in the root of the usb device.

  Ben 216 00:34 04 Nov 07

Thanks for the responses.

I use the drive as storage only, and have one SATA drive for Vista, and one for XP (which I rarely use now) and dual boot using the BIOS to select the boot drive.

My motherboard is ASRock 775Dual-VSTA with full USB 2.0 support and the drive is plugged into a USB port on the motherboard itself. I have 2Gb of system memory.

Is the BIOS settings suggestion just for booting from this drive or could it be causing the problem?

  sullan 16:02 10 Nov 07

I'm glad to hear this (or should I?) because I have the same problem with my 250G drive. Bought it along with a wl500gp router to act as a torrent downloader with openwrt but I flashed and reflashed alot because it could only run maximum 24h. Now I know(?) that the problem is the harddrive.

  Ben 216 16:29 10 Nov 07

Unless I'm missing it there's not a software update for the Freeagent Desktop on the Seagate website? I take it you flashed your router or have a different model of drive?

I have emailed Seagate, and am just waiting for a reply. Will let you know the outcome.

  sullan 12:44 11 Nov 07

Yes I flashed my router. Have had it attached to a Linux box with the same problem. Now i'm trying it out with a Vista PC bu need some more time... I hope my problem isn't the filesystem. It's now ntfs but when I tryed with the router and the Linux box it was ext2.

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