Seagate 160gb Hard Drive Deleted Itself... Help!!

  ob1.kenobi 22:38 19 Jan 08

Just bought a seagate 160 gb hard drive last week had windows xpsp2 working on it for a week now.

loaded all my programs on it and last night it all of a sudden formatted itself!

Now I cant even load windows back onto it.

1) I have made this HD a slave drive and installed another HD as master to get my data off it before I formatted it but my pc won't wven pick it up now? I'm puzzled to why this happened and what course of action I should take.

2) I have even tried to format it through the windows set up but it won't pick it up?

3) The HD 160gb shows up on the bootup screen but nowhere else.


  DieSse 23:19 19 Jan 08

"..last night it all of a sudden formatted itself!"

Do you mean you actually saw it running the format program?

Or just that now you can't see the drive at all?

Sounds like it's faulty to me, if you can't get Windows to even setup on it, and it can't be seen as a slave in a working system.

When you set it up as a slave - can you look in Disk Management and see if it's shown there?

  Crash 23:34 19 Jan 08

What motherboard are you using?

  ob1.kenobi 23:35 19 Jan 08

I didn't see the format happen, just the drive can't be seen and doesn't boot when the pc is turned on.

The hd can't be seen in the disk management screen.

So is it goosed I guess? Still have receipt so will the computer shop exchange it....

  SANTOS7 23:37 19 Jan 08

Loose cable me thinks....

  ob1.kenobi 23:38 19 Jan 08

its a hp pc with a gigabyte mother board the org HD has bad sectors but still 1/2 works so this new HD was to replace it....

  ob1.kenobi 23:42 19 Jan 08

all the cables are fitted tightly (tried 2 dif ide cables)

It does say "make sure cables are fitted correctly"

  lotvic 00:09 20 Jan 08

I think you need SeaTools to test the drive click here also you should register your HDD with Seagate (same link). If it is faulty they will replace it.

  cream. 00:20 20 Jan 08

Try test disk, it's free. click here

Run it from dos and see if it can fix the drive.

  SANTOS7 00:26 20 Jan 08

There are known cases where HDDs can sometimes stick and tapping them with a pin hammer can spring them into life again...

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