seaching folders in xp

  NIGEY 18:05 15 Nov 05

Evening all,
is there anyway you guys can suggest searching for a specific file within a folder other than using the default search facility in xp,say a mp3 or picture,because xp's search seems to take a while i thought computers were quick but this search isnt to clever...any help would be truly apprecieated.
nigey ;-)

  DieSse 18:12 15 Nov 05

Why search - just open the folder, and reorganise the folder alphabetically, or by file type - you should spot it right away then.

  NIGEY 18:15 15 Nov 05

thanx....looks like ill have to tidy things up a little.but just thought there may be a third party search thingy to do it better you know?.

  Devil Fish 18:18 15 Nov 05

do as DieSse has suggested

thenif you know the file name
highlight any file and tpye the name of the file you want it will take you there even the 1st few letters wiill get you close

  NIGEY 18:27 15 Nov 05

thanx guys for your help...

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