SD Cards missing on Windows Vista

  Churston 21:49 17 May 07

I have an Acer Aspire 5633 with Windows Vista dual booting with Windows XP. My SD Card is visible on XP but not on Vista. I have checked with Device Manager on Vista which tells me that the SD card is working properly.
Has anybody any ideas here?

  Jimmy14 22:01 17 May 07

The SD card needs to be formatted in Vista to be able to be used. Save your files somewere then format on Vista then put the files back on the card. You should fine it will work on XP and Vista now.

  Totally-braindead 22:03 17 May 07

Jimmy14 not meaning to nitpick but if Vista can't see the memory card how can he format it under Vista?

  ventanas 22:07 17 May 07

Does it show in disk management as a removeable drive?

  Jimmy14 22:07 17 May 07

Very sorry, not thinking straight.

The only other thing I can think of is using another computer with vista to format this memory card or using a external card reader on your laptop maybe.

  skidzy 22:15 17 May 07

Just a word of caution:

From experience all SD cards that are used in a digital camera are best formatted in the camera.

Ive formatted using the pc before now and corrupted the card.

Save the pics in xp first.

  Jake_027 22:34 17 May 07

Mine was a clean install of vista from XP and windows update downloaded the drivers for the memory card automatically. They were under the name of EINE Card Reader Device or something. I haven't tried with an SD card, but my card reader works with MMC even though the vista upgrade advisor under XP said that it might not have drivers.


  Churston 07:45 18 May 07

HI folks
Thanks for your keen interest. I am reluctant to format the cards which have, when they are working well on XP. I am up to date with Updates, including ENE Card Reading service.
Disk management does not show it as a removeable drive.
I'll keep looking

  jack 08:43 18 May 07

Just to Amplify Skidzy
Do Not Format Camera Media Cards in a PC.
This will render them unusable in a Camera.

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