sd card problem

  karmgord 20:35 16 Feb 07

I have bought a 2GB Kingston sd card but my belkin card reader does n't see it,the computer recognises the usb reader and it sees smartmeader and compact flash cards but not my new 2gb sd card. Any ideas?

  RicScott 20:47 16 Feb 07

Does the reader see other SD cards?

  karmgord 20:57 16 Feb 07

don't know as i've only the 2gb card

  STREETWORK 21:08 16 Feb 07

Can you format it from my computer?

  woodchip 21:18 16 Feb 07

You should not format in your computer, only if you are going to just us it for the computer. If it's used in a Camera or other then it should be formatted in that. Or it may not work no more

  karmgord 21:19 16 Feb 07

reader is recognised but card is not seen in reader

  STREETWORK 21:30 16 Feb 07

Can you see the SD card in my computer, should be allocated a removable drive letter. One thing to try is to change the drive letter and see if you can then read it...

click here

  Technotiger 21:30 16 Feb 07

Hi, sounds as if it could be a faulty card, I would take it back for a replacement.

  karmgord 22:02 16 Feb 07

i will try to find somebody with a diffferent card reader

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