SD Card... Make ?

  russmini 23:00 01 Mar 05

Need to buy my first SD card, does anyone have any suggestions as to a trusted make ?

Amazon listing Lexar, Bytestor, Kingston, Viking etc

Expansys listing their own make

Suggestions greatly appreciated

P.S. Looking for 512mb

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:13 01 Mar 05

I've used Lexar, Kingston and Viking cards. All are good. There are no moving parts so you can use any old make of card...I would suggest Kingston as they seem to be cheaper.


  curlylad 23:14 01 Mar 05

I was recommended the ATP SD cards by a friend and I recently purchased the ATP 256mb SD @ £26.95 , the 512mb version is £49.95.You can view it here along with various other cards , but I would wait for further endorsements off others before choosing. I am quite happy with my ATP card but again I would wait for other suggestions , anyway here is the link click here-(SD)-Cards.htm

P.S. The delivery was very prompt , 3 days if I recall !

  ton 23:14 01 Mar 05

We have 8 SD cards of assorted makes.

Use them in cameras, Pocket PC & PC and have never noticed any difference from any of them.

I would imagine that most of the 'makes' come from just a few factories.

  John Ross 17:53 13 Mar 05

I am using a toshiba SD card in my PDA (Tungsten T5).
It is really slow comparted to using a 2.0 USB pen Drive (e.g. when the T5 is used as a flash drive).
would this be a bit / a lot / no better with SD cards that are supposedly "high speed" eg 45X or 60X? (I have heard that the transfer rate is not the limiting factor, but that it is something to do with the way SD cards allocate memory that causes the slow speed?.

  Stuartli 18:11 13 Mar 05

You can get various speeds of SD cards - the price will vary according to the speed; however in most cases the differences won't be noticeable in use.

Here's one of the latest:

click here

  Stuartli 18:12 13 Mar 05

More examples at same website (but many retailers advertise them):

click here

  John Ross 18:38 13 Mar 05

Is there an explanantion why the different speeds don't make a difference?
I see claims for 9+Mb/sec transfer compared to standard 2Mb/sec.

  Bagsey 18:56 13 Mar 05

Have a look at click here for good prices and reasonable delivery.

  russmini 20:58 13 Mar 05

Thanks guys went for a bytestor 512mb one eventually from amazon. Looked good and was said to be high speed version, what speed i am not too sure but hey ho we will see what it is like in use, hopefully ok.

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