scsi/raid host controller

  MAD_MIKE 00:04 02 Jul 09

while browsing through Device Manager i noticed a yellow triangle against the scsi/raid host controller, further investigation revealed the following; failure using the VxD loader.
windows cannot start this hardware device because it's configeration information [in the registry] is incompleate is incompleat or damaged[code 19].
what is going on and what do i do to rectify it ?running winxp sp2.thanks.

  crosstrainer 00:13 02 Jul 09

When installing Windows, you are offered to install a "Third party" device.

That's where Raid comes into the equation..If you only have one HDD (or even 2)

I would not be concerned...The route to stop the nagging is to enter your BIOS screen and disable the RAID option.

If you have 3 HDD's then it may be worth considering a re-installation.

  MAD_MIKE 22:55 02 Jul 09

thanks crosstrainer,could this have anything to do with the fact that on occasions my cd rom drives dissapear to be replaced by 'local disc D and E'with red question marks on them and the same icon as the internal HDD'c', my external HDD nowhere to be seen, when looking in My Computer,

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