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  stlucia 15 Feb 10

I would like to place a single line of scrolling text within one of the pages of a web site I maintain for a club. I do all my coding by hand, and would prefer to continue that way rather than relying on a web design package.

Is there an HTML command that will do the job for me? If not, am I right in thinking I need to use JavaScript? If so, can someone point me in the direction of a good basic tutorial, please.

  cycoze 15 Feb 10

Just search for "marquee html"

First three results on google bring up

click here

click here

HTML Marquee Generator click here

  stlucia 15 Feb 10

Thanks, cycoze, that's just the job. The marquee command doesn't feature in the HTML reference I've got -- presumably my reference doesn't include all extensions.

Your first link suggests that it might not work with all browsers -- is that an issue with modern computers running, say, XP and upwards?

  Ansolan 16 Feb 10

Not an operating system problem but one with different browsers. A marquee tag may typically work with IE but nor Firefox, Chrome and others.

You might be better looking at a script, several here:

click here

  stlucia 16 Feb 10

Thanks, Ansolan. I've checked a simple html file containing a marquee command, and it at least works with IE7 and Firefox 3.5.7, so I think I'll use it instead of a more-complicated script.

I was going to try it in Chrome as well, but I couldn't find any "File Open" button so I could open the file that's on my HDD at the moment :-(

  Ansolan 18 Feb 10

To open your file in Chrome, if you are running Windows right click on the file and select Open With.

Trouble is that's no guarantee. Just opened this page in Chrome click here purely because the page is reporetd as not working in Chrome, yet works fine for me running the dev channel version.

Same issue with Firefox, may run in your version but stands absolutely still in mine - 3.0.17 - So will depend what visitors are running but not widely supported.


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