Scrolling screen

  Kernow999 10:00 02 Feb 07

For some reason, my web pages and emails have just started to scroll up and down by themselves.
I am running adaware just in case there is something there affecting things.
Any thoughts please?

  anskyber 10:02 02 Feb 07

If you have a center scroll wheel on your mouse try clicking it to see it it relocks the pages.

  Kernow999 11:04 02 Feb 07

Cool, thanks. I will give that a go when it happens again. Was making me dizzy!

  Kernow999 19:43 03 Feb 07

It did lock the page but then when I unlocked it or moved onto my emails, it still happened, although not as much.
Could it be a wireless connection/infra red interference thing?

  Technotiger 19:45 03 Feb 07

Hi, just guessing, but have you checked your mouse settings in Control Panel?

  Kernow999 20:59 08 Feb 07

Checked everything I can think of. It was still doing it whilst checking my settings, even.
Any further suggestions from anyone please? This is very annoying

  Technotiger 21:08 08 Feb 07

Have you tried pressing the Scroll Lock key on your keyboard?

  Kernow999 21:34 08 Feb 07

Wow, how simple was that? Pressed it and the screen has stayed still. Seems to be ok!
Many thanks.

  Technotiger 21:38 08 Feb 07

Your welcome - don't forget the Green Tick :-)

  Kernow999 21:50 08 Feb 07

I spoke too soon. Its off again!!
Could it be anything to do with wireless mouse and wireless modem getting signals mixed up??

  Technotiger 21:57 08 Feb 07

If the mouse is Radio Wireless, yes, could be. Look to see if mouse has a channel change switch underneath probably.

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