Scrolling Making Me Giddy

  BeeWee 10:43 23 Apr 03

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I have just upgrades to xp and whenever i use the scroll bar the page just sort of swims/wriggles/refreshes instead of straight does the job but it really makes me nauseous!! is there a fix for this please?

  -pops- 10:56 23 Apr 03

Try (on IE6) open Tools, Internet Options, Advanced tab. Scroll(!!) down and ensure the Use Smmoth Scrolling tab is ticked. The tab is just above HTTP1.1 Settings.


  BeeWee 11:10 23 Apr 03

thanks for that pops...but it was already ticked

  BeeWee 12:58 23 Apr 03

anyone else have any ideas please?

  DieSse 13:18 23 Apr 03

I think I might know what you mean - perhaps it's a slow system that cannot handle the fast graphics necessary.

This could be it's old, or it doesn't have enough RAM, or it doesn't have the best drivers for the motherboard and/or graphics.

Can you describe your overall system please.

  BeeWee 13:29 23 Apr 03

athlon xp 2200+ 80 gig h/d 256 megs ddram geforce4 mx 440 windows xp

don't know if i've given you the relevant information but it's a pretty new pc. just upgraded from 98 se where this problem didn't occur!

  DieSse 13:38 23 Apr 03

There shouldn't be a speed problem then!! - but there may be driver problems.

You should install the latest motherboard drivers for the chipset your motherboard uses - then you should install the latest nvidia drivers for the graphics card. Do them both, even if just the motherboard drivers seem to fix the problem.

  barrie_g 14:55 23 Apr 03

I would go along with what DieSse says, I've just done a clean reinstall of xp and noticed exaclty the same thing until I updated the graphics drivers.

  Sir Radfordin™ 15:08 23 Apr 03

Best thing to do is to visit the Windows Update site and see if it thinks there are any new drivers for your PC.

If not then visit the nvidia site and download the very latest from there and see if that does resolve the problem. It sounds like the most likely solution.

  ĀÕL иàťﻍŗ 16:00 23 Apr 03

same happened to me when i ungraded to xp but all it was was that i needed to reinstall my graphics card drivers and then it was perfect!!!!!!!

  BeeWee 16:34 23 Apr 03

thank you all especially DieSse whose instructions i followed before i saw the other recommendations. as you all said the graphic drivers needed to be more swimming or wriggling screens now thank goodness!

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