Scroll wheel is choosy!

  davehyde 20:20 21 Feb 03

Why does my scroll wheel work fine with some applications (internet explorer/outlook etc) but not with others (Wordperfect 6.1 etc)?

OK, WP is OLD (but I like it), but just got a new PC and it still scrolls OK on my old one...

What's going on?

  stuntmaster 20:33 21 Feb 03

I think the problem is caused by a new scroll mouse and old software (I agree wordperfect is still good) you might have to not use your scroll muse in this app to resolve the problem.


  bruno 23:08 21 Feb 03

I have several mice and two o/s's and I get the same problem.I assumed it was to do with the program inuse. Of course I could be wrong!!!

  Peter 00:47 22 Feb 03


I think you will find that some programmes, not just old ones, don't support the scroll wheel as well as some others.


  Peter 09:58 25 Feb 03


  Peter 22:17 26 Feb 03


  davehyde 23:38 26 Feb 03

What's the ^ about then?!

  davehyde 23:43 26 Feb 03

I've double checked on the old PC. Scroll works on EVERYTHING including "old" WPerfect and Superbase - PC running Windows95

On new PC with XP, it works on new applications, but does nowt (scrollwise - every other mouse function is OK) in the two aforementioned progs.

I am using a Logitech cordless wheelmouse and software version 9.75, recently downloaded. I expect it's another XP problem...?

  BRYNIT 00:08 27 Feb 03

I think your problem may be Old WPerfect on Win XP compatibility problem.

  davehyde 18:58 27 Feb 03

way in which XP is actually not as good as it's predecessors! Magic


  davehyde 00:19 28 Feb 03

Surely there must be an answer to this.

I'm using old programs granted - probably written before scroll wheels were the norm - but they DID scroll using Windows95....

I'm now using XP which is supposedly the same but better, but they don't scroll now.

There must be something I can reset, a workaround, something?


(I'm also using Logitech iTouch keyboard software - any known conflicts here?)

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