scroll bar goes down but bounces back up

  james123456789 22 May 13

hi,hope this is in the right area.when i scroll down a web page sometimes the bar will judder down and then bounce back to the top.this doesnt always happen but when it does it will be like this for 15 mins or so,im running ie9,i swapped over to chrome and it still running win vista on acer aspire5536/5236.many thanks for any help,james

  lotvic 22 May 13

Does it happen on random websites or is it only on the same few? I sometimes get that if I scroll down a page that has not finished loading. Usually adverts that are slower to load and then the page seems to jump up and down as they load. It happens a lot on my Galaxy tab more than on pc.

  onthelimit1 23 May 13

Just for elimination, if a PC, try a different mouse. If laptop try an external mouse.

  onthelimit1 23 May 13

Ah, I see it's a lappie, so try a mouse.

  james123456789 23 May 13

thanks for the replies,it happens on any old website,it seems to be indescriminate.i know what you mean with the adverts loading,its a similar problem,but it just keeps bouncing no matter if the page is loaded or how long i wait.ill try a mouse when i can lay my hands on one,thanks again for your ideas,james


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