Script errors internet explorer 10

  electroplater 04 May 13

I have been plagued with the script error box over the last few days. I am running Win 8 pro with IE10 with all current updates. I have looked at "internet options/advanced" and have script debugging, in ie and other, disabled and have not ticked "display a notification..." I have tried stopping my Bitdefender antivirus and firewall. I have checked that the latest versions of java and direct x are loaded. I do not get script errors when running my alternative google chrome browser. I normally run internet explorer from a classic desktop when I get script errors but if I run IE from the metro desktop I get no errors, if I click on "run on desk top" the errors start immediately. Any suggestions or should I give in and run chrome from the desk top?

  northumbria61 04 May 13

Try running IE 10 with no add-ons to see if that is the problem. If IE 10 then works okay you will have to enable each one in turn until you find the culprit.

  northumbria61 04 May 13

To run 32-bit Internet Explorer with no add-ons, try the following command in Run box.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -extoff

  Unspun96 04 May 13

I started having trouble with the same thing on 2 seperate machines, both Windows 7, one with ie10 one with ie9. 2 seperate machines not networked together, right donwn to 2 seperate internet connections. I was baffled. I've been running Bitdefender. All debugging, etc in ie options correctly checked. Ran malwarebytes. Came up with nothing. Ran spybot - nothing. Thought I was going to have to reformat. Loaded firefox - no problems. Uninstalled Bitdefender and went back to Kaspersky - (I have used K until around 9 months ago when I switched to Bitdefender). Now IE appears to work without annoying script error box pop-ups as well. I think an update with bitdefender must be the issue.

  northumbria61 05 May 13

I think an update with bitdefender must be the issue.

It certainly looks that way.

  electroplater 05 May 13

northumbria61,Unspun96. Thank you for your suggestions. I have run IE without the addons with no effect but I seem to have cured the problem by doing a repair install on Bitdefender. Going to add/remove programs on clicking on remove brings up a box with the repair choice. I am still left wondering what the difference is between IE on the classic desktop an IE on the metro desktop (where I can never find anything!).


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