SAH 17:41 13 Jun 03

Can someone tell me how I go about adding a new screensaver to my desktop? I've tried to look where the exisitng screensavers are, but without any luck.

  Jester2K II 17:42 13 Jun 03

What version of windows?

  graham√ 17:43 13 Jun 03

Look for a 'Browse' button, depends what your OS is.

  SAH 17:48 13 Jun 03

I've got Windows XP.

  Kitz E Kat 17:53 13 Jun 03

Right click on a clear area on the desktop,go to propteries, a window with a Screen Saver tab will appear and bingo. Have fun
Kitz E Kat

  Jester2K II 17:54 13 Jun 03

Copy the .scr files to c:\windows\system32 folder.

  Jester2K II 17:57 13 Jun 03

Think you'd better clarify first. Do you want to change the current screensaver or add a new one (as i thought) you have downloaded??

  SAH 18:22 13 Jun 03

Jester2k II

I want to add a new one.

  Jester2K II 18:23 13 Jun 03

Copy the .scr files to c:\windows\system32 folder.

  SAH 18:31 13 Jun 03


  Jester2K II 18:33 13 Jun 03

Did it work??

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