Screen suddenly gone darker

  hawthorn59 01:11 AM 20 Sep 11


I have a Sony Vaio just 9 months old. Just now Ive noticed the screen has gone darker than usual. Also the controls for increasing or decreasing brightness are not working; ie holding the Fn key and either F5 or F6--nothing happens. I can access controls via the Intel Graphics /Graphics properties and can adjust it there, but I never had to do that before. If I set it to default it is back to the dark screen.

The only thing I did today was install a Samsung Printer, mono laser. Cant see that it should have anything to do with it. Any suggestions?



  hawthorn59 06:35 AM 20 Sep 11

OK, I read the above articles. Unfortunately I dont have the Vaio Control Software any more as I installed a new hard drive 6 weeks ago (I had quite a lot of video saved on the other one). And I just used a Windows 7 original disk, so no Sony software installed. Can I download it or do I need it?

Anyway I read your other link and as advised went to Power Options, and changed the setting from Balanced to Power Saver and that fixed the brightness. Why though? These are only settings for when the screen dims after non use etc.

Also the Fn/F5,F6 keys still do not perform their function.

ALSO, I now notice my mouse wont work properly. Well, it wont move at all. Except the scroll wheel will work and the right button, but moving the mouse wont move the cursor on the screen. Its a Kensington wired mouse for laptops. The little bulb underneath isnt lighting, should it be? Plugged it out and in again to no avail.

Have I got a virus......(no please!) ?



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