Screen size In Win Me

  TomG 17:31 16 Nov 04

Running a PC with Win ME.

All was OK until I tried to change the screen size in properties.

Now when the PC boots the screen is shifted to the right and I cannot see the taskbar, If I manually adjust the settings on the monitor I can get everything as it should be - but when I reboot the display has shifted to the right?

Any suggestions please?

  ^wave^ 17:45 16 Nov 04

what were the original settings and what did you change them to

  TomG 18:21 16 Nov 04

Sorry for the thick answer - I had recently installed ME on a formatted HD - It was whatever the default is (800x600 I think).

I was trying to make the icons smaller - but I have tried resetting back to 800x600 and also gone into safe mode and tried changing settings there but no luck. The icon size is fine just everythings shifted to the right (black band on the left of the screen) and the task bar is out of sight at the bottom.

  britto 18:32 16 Nov 04

sounds like your moniter settings, have you got an on sreen display button on your moniter you may have a left/right and up/down adjustment

  britto 18:35 16 Nov 04

sometimes I should read more carefully

  TomG 19:10 16 Nov 04


As I say I can adjust the screen ok its just that when I reboot the settings are wrong?

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