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  Islandgirl 10:32 29 Jun 03

I have just upgraded to XP and am having trouble with my screen saver. If I ask windows to start the screen saver after up to 7 minutes it works fine but if I say longer than this it never starts, have tried 10 - 20 - 30 - 40 mins and times in between but nothing happens, the screen saver never comes on. I dont want the screen saver to cut in after such a short time is there anything I can do to make the screen saver work as it should. Joan

  Kool_Pete 17:06 29 Jun 03

Hi, sell a CD called 'Screensavers Sorted' for about £4.99 and this solves this problem and many more. Pete

  Djohn 17:21 29 Jun 03

I would think it is more likely to be one of the many programs that XP tends to load and run in the background. If after say 8 or 10 minutes, one of these checks fires up, then you never reach the time set for the screen-saver to kick in.

As to which one it is, I don't know, someone may have the answer for you, but I don't think anything is wrong with your XP system. j.

  graham√ 17:33 29 Jun 03

Cut down the number of programs in the start menu ... click here

  Islandgirl 17:47 29 Jun 03

Thank you Kool_Pete I may try and get one of these CD's.

Djohn - I never thought of this, it may well be that something else is starting after I have left the Computer and therefore it never lets the screen saver start, but when I had ME if I left my computer for over half an hour the screen saver would kick in like a goodun, now if I leave my computer on and go out, after one or maybe two hours the screensaver has never started. If I set the saver to start after 5 mins its as good as gold starts running and stays that way until I come back to my computer, maybe 2 or 3 hours later. Seems strange to me. Joan

  Djohn 17:55 29 Jun 03

graham√ link is a good guide to use, if you do it the correct way as explained, you will not cause any harm, if a program does not load/work as you wish it to, then just re-place the tick.

I am still new to XP myself, just had a look in task-manager, I have 34 processes running! I'm sure I can reduce these, so will have a go myself, Haven't bothered so far because it loads/runs so fast anyway. When I had 98se, and understood all the start-up items, I reduced it to 4, (I think), all others would start when I clicked on the program or shortcut.

Don't yet know what all these in XP are, or if they are necessary. j.

  Islandgirl 18:00 29 Jun 03

Thanks Djohn, I will try and pluck up courage. Joan

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