Screen saver stopped kicking in

  kimtrnc 19 Aug 11

For many years, I have had a separate flat screen monitor. It has always dimmed out after a set period of non-use. Today, however, system decided that it woud show desktop all the time, even when not in active use. I realise that there is some obvious way of dealing with this problem - apart from chucking the whole machine out in a temper - but I would like to get it back. Only difference today - I was offered, and accepted a new version of Mozilla to download. Might there be any connection? If not, what have I done wrong, please? TIA Kimig

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19 Aug 11

  • Minimise all programs so that the desktop is shown.

  • Right click in an empty space on the desktop.

  • Left click on "properties"

  • Click on the "screen saver" tab at the top of the screen.

  • In the "screen saver" drop down box, select the screensaver you would like to use.

  • Click "ok" again to finalize the changes made.

  kimtrnc 19 Aug 11

Thankyou Fruitbat - all I wanted was for the screen to turn off after a specified time. Your advice absolutely spot-on. What I don't understand is why it cut off in the first place. I haven't changed anything for quite a long time - just wonder WHY screen saver turned itself off completely, after all this time? Oh well, we can't live without computers, nor with them! Thanks again Kimig


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