Screen Saver

  User-178362 19:35 17 Oct 06

My screen saver doesn't seem to be working. I see the name at the bottom of the screen I hear the water from the screen saver but there isn't a picture of it just the page I have been looking at.If I close the page the screen saver is there only in black and white. It called sachs marina.

  anskyber 20:00 17 Oct 06

Has this just happened after it has worked OK for you or is it a new download?

  User-178362 21:18 17 Oct 06

Been going on for a couple of weeks. Notheing to do with downloads as I very realy do anything like that but I do update.

  anskyber 21:38 17 Oct 06

OK has it ever worked?

  User-178362 22:47 17 Oct 06

yes always did but not now.

  anskyber 09:06 18 Oct 06

Try an unistall and reinstall.

  User-178362 16:57 18 Oct 06

I prefere not to uninstall and reinstall anything and if it is XP you are talking about, not going to find myself in deep water. If you have read my other threads you will know what I am like. I will contact the dealer and see what they have to say think you.

  mattyc_92 17:00 18 Oct 06

I think anskyber means to reinstall the screensaver, not Windows!!

Have you upgraded your Graphics Drivers, Audio Drivers, etc... lately?

  anskyber 17:03 18 Oct 06

I did! Yes apologies if I did not make my point clearly enough.

  User-178362 22:44 20 Oct 06

I did change the screen saver, to other one's they worked, then I changed it back to the fish, It looks to me as if I am looking at the back side of the fish if you know what I mean. As if their coloured side is on the inside of the screen and the plan uninteresting side black and white is on view.

  anskyber 23:14 20 Oct 06

I am guessing here but I think you have the sereenscreen marine aquarium screensaver. If you have you should have an activation key. If I am right then uninstall the screensaver from add remove and reinstall and activate with the key.

I think that will work. If I am wrong about your program then please ignore this advice.

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