Screen resolution, Aspect ratio, Native resolution

  mooly 13:57 28 Dec 08

Been having a play with screen resolution. My 17 inch notebook has a quoted native resolution of 1440/900 but have been using it at 1152/864 for ages.
Adjusting the resolution in windows to match the native resolution results in much clearer but smaller text, however the aspect ratio is very slightly off, with the desktop icons etc being slightly taller than they should be --- but not by much. Is there any way to alter this ? I know how to alter text size in IE7 and also played around with the DPI setting and have left this at 120DPI. With the resolution at the old setting the aspect ratio still wasn't 100% but it was out the other way, slightly to wide, again only a little.

  badhair1963 14:19 28 Dec 08

Try setting it to 1024x768

  mooly 14:50 28 Dec 08

Have tried that and the text is now where near as clear, and the aspect ratio is still slightly out. Maybe it's just a compromise I have to accept. Although clear the text looks quite "soft" on any of the other settings.
There was a reason why I came to play around with the settings, when I have a bit more time I'll post that up. Thanks.

  roddypoddy 15:21 28 Dec 08

click here
Have you tried this,if you have ,sorry i can,t help.

  badhair1963 16:04 28 Dec 08

Have a look and see if this is of any use to you.

click here

  mooly 17:17 28 Dec 08

Thanks guys. The clear type is enabled by default-- thanks.
Thats an interesting table of info on screen sizes, it helps when you see it laid out like that.
OK, this is what prompted all this, this "problem" suddenly appeared,
click here
I had this happen a few months ago and I reinstalled the video driver. Just tried the same again and was playing around, but no luck, the message still randomly appears on initial boot up. So I have gone back to a disc image taken before I started messing around. Will have to research the original problem more, although it seems really common when you Google it.

  AL47 00:41 29 Dec 08

correct me if im being stupid, but shouldnt the 1440/900 make fatter icons than the other?

1440/900 (or 1.6) for widescreen, [my 17inch laptop is at 1920x1200]
1152/864 (1 and 1/3) for non widescreen?

  AL47 00:48 29 Dec 08

ok, my above comment was wrong, u have a widescreen i take it, [hence the 1.6 ratio?) and have been using the 1.33 ratio?

the icons seem taller when you use native because that is how they are supposed to look [i think]

i just told my laptop to go from 1.6 to 1.33 and everything looked too fat [and blurry]

i think, u have the very opposite of what i did, so to you they look taller

you are using a 1.33 resolution on a 1.6 screen
the taller icons are the correct size

  mooly 07:16 29 Dec 08

Nothings ever as easy as it seems I find with PC's. The highest resolution I can set it for equals the native resolution of the display. This makes things slightly too tall, anything circular isn't, it's stretched a little. The resolution I have been using 1152/864 actually goes ever so slightly the other way, too fat, but by such a small margin you are never aware of it.
Just wondered if there was a way to get it 100% ?
1440/900 is 16 by 10 yet that gives elliptical circles on the desktop.

  Mr Mistoffelees 07:56 29 Dec 08

If you are now using the native resolution for your screen, objects on-screen should now appear correctly. Are you sure that you are not so used to the distorted view you had, that it is taking you a little while to get used to the correct appearance?

  mooly 08:30 29 Dec 08

Definitely to tall. Shows up very much on Vistas own "Chess Titans" you don't have squares on the board, they are rectangles. The CPU/Memory resource meter dials are oval and the Vista start orb is oval.
1152/864 is 98% correct, I have gone back to this at the moment, as I really need to find the cause of the intermitant NVLDDMKM message.

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